Planter Pots That Hang or Sit? The Benefits of Both


As home gardeners, we all know that choosing the right pots for our plants is essential. And when it comes to deciding between hanging and sitting planter pots, you’ve got plenty of options. But what’s best for your needs? Let’s take a closer look at both types of planters and see how they compare:

The Benefits of Hanging Planters

Hanging planters are great for small spaces, whether you have a patio or balcony or just a small garden area. They can also be used indoors, hanging from the ceiling of your kitchen or in other rooms where there is no floor space. Hanging planters are ideal for herbs, flowers and vegetables. If you like to grow your own food but don’t want to give up valuable floor space in an apartment or condo, then hanging planters offer an excellent alternative!

They are easy to clean – simply detach them from the hook and rinse out with water while they’re still hanging (or place them on a table).

They’re also very easy to move around – if you want to move the planter somewhere else then all you need do is take it down from its hook and hang it elsewhere!

The Benefits of Sitting Planters

Sitting planters are great for plants that like to be in the shade. If you have a plant that prefers the dappled shade of trees or bushes, sitting planters make it easy to place them where they’ll get the most benefit from their environment. Sitting planters also make watering easier because they’re lower than hanging planters and closer to ground level, making it less of a hassle when it comes time to water your plants. It’s also much easier to keep up with maintenance on sitting planters since you’re able to easily reach them without having to climb anything—and if there’s something wrong with one of your plants, such as disease or pests, there’s no need for climbing equipment when all you need is a pair of gardening gloves!

See how you can use both in your home.

If you’re planning to hang some planter pots, one of the easiest ways to use them is to add height to a room. You can hang them from the ceiling or from a beam on the wall, and it will instantly provide your home with more vertical interest.

You can also use hanging planters as a way to make your home feel warm and welcoming. A hanging pot filled with earthy plants will immediately set the tone for people who enter your space, making it feel like home for everyone who enters.

You don’t have to choose between hanging and sitting planter pots – you can have both!

You don’t have to choose between hanging and sitting planter pots – you can have both!

Hanging planters make the most of vertical space, while sitting planters allow you to utilize horizontal surfaces. However, by using a combination of hanging and sitting planters in your garden or patio, you can maximize both vertical and horizontal surfaces as seen in this example below:


If you’re looking to add some greenery to your home, there are lots of options. Hanging planters can be a great choice if you have limited space but still want something pretty to look at. Sitting planters are perfect for indoors or outdoors because they don’t take up much room and they make it easy for plants to get water and sunlight. No matter which style of planter pot you choose, remember that it all comes down to what makes YOU happy!

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