Five Summer Safety Rules Kids Need To Follow


Summer is a great time for kids to play outdoors and enjoy the weather. But, if they aren’t careful, they can get hurt while playing! Here are some tips on how to keep your kids safe this summer:

Wear a helmet when riding bikes, and make sure the helmet fits properly.

It’s important to make sure that kids wear helmets when they are riding bikes. Helmets can help prevent head injuries and death if the child falls while riding a bicycle.

Children should always wear helmets when riding their bikes, whether they are learning how to ride or already have been doing it for a while. It is also important that the helmet fits properly so that it doesn’t slide off easily when your child falls off of their bike. This will help prevent injuries from happening because if a helmet does not fit well enough on your child’s head, then it won’t protect them in case of an accident or fall off their bike as well as if they had worn one properly fitting to begin with!

An additional note about this rule: You may want to invest in purchasing more than one helmet for each member of your family since helmets do need replacing every few years due to wear & tear over time (as well as general maintenance). This way, there’ll always be one ready-to-go during those summer months when everyone wants nothing more than go outside & enjoy themselves–but also ensuring safety along with fun too!

Before swimming in a pool or lake, children need to be trained in water safety. Take your kids to swimming classes, where they can learn skills like treading water, floating, and the best ways to get out of a pool.

  • Before swimming in a pool or lake, children need to be trained in water safety. Take your kids to swimming classes, where they can learn skills like treading water, floating, and the best ways to get out of a pool.
  • Look for an instructor who is certified by the American Red Cross or another reputable organization. They will teach you how to be safe around water and give you tips on how to have fun while staying safe.
  • Prepare your child for their first class with these tips:
  • Make sure they’re dressed appropriately for swimming by wearing shorts that cover their knees if possible (but make sure they don’t wear pants), as well as shirts that cover their arms (even if it’s hot outside). This keeps them warm so they don’t get cold when they’re swimming! Also remember some sunscreen might help prevent sunburn on those long summer days spent outdoors! -Wear flip flops because they won’t slip off like regular shoes do when wet—this will come in handy later when walking around after getting out of your lesson 🙂 Ready… set…. GO SWIMMING!

Teach kids not to touch bugs, especially bees!

When you think of summer, what comes to mind? The sun and the beach? Picnics and barbecues? Kids playing outside all day long?

If you’re a parent, another thing that probably comes to mind is bees. And not just bees, but bee stings. Bees can sting people—even children!—and cause allergic reactions or worse. Children especially need to be taught how to safely interact with bees.

Staying safe around bees can be tricky because they are attracted most strongly to sweet smells and bright colors—the very things that kids love most about summertime! Here are some tips for staying safe around bees:

  • Don’t wear bright colors like yellow or red when playing outside
  • Don’t eat sweets near where you might encounter bees (like on a picnic table)

When playing sports, kids should stretch their muscles before running around.

You should never run, jump, or play sports without stretching first. This can lead to injuries and other problems. Stretching helps loosen the muscles and increases blood flow in the body. There are several ways you can stretch your muscles before running around:

  • Sit down on the ground with your legs stretched out in front of you. Bend forward from the waist until you feel a stretch in your back muscles. Hold this position for 30 seconds then release by standing up slowly. Repeat this exercise three times for one set of stretches; do two to three sets each day for best results
  • Stand next to a wall and place one foot back about two feet from it (or use two hands if there is no wall nearby). Keep both knees bent at 90 degrees as much as possible while leaning back until there is a slight arch in the lower part of your spine; this should result in some mild discomfort but not pain! Hold this position for 20 seconds before switching sides

Kids should wear sunscreen when spending time outside, even on overcast days. Reapply it every couple of hours.

One of the most important things you can do to protect your kids is to make sure they are wearing sunscreen when spending time outside. Even on overcast days, the sun’s rays can still damage skin. Sunscreen should be applied every 2 hours and should be used by everyone, not just the kids!

Sunscreen should be applied to all exposed skin, including ears, neck, hands and feet (basically everywhere but the face). A thicker sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher may be better for children who are swimming as it will provide more protection from water damage.

Have fun this summer!

While you want to make sure your kids are safe, it’s also important for them to enjoy their summer. The most important thing is to have fun with your kids and let them know that there are rules in place so they can play and be active.

Whether it’s riding a bike, playing in the sprinkler or swimming in the pool, there are many fun activities for kids to do this summer. Make sure that you follow these five tips so your child has a great time playing outdoors without any worries about safety:


Summer is a great time to have fun and spend time with the family. By following these five safety rules, you can help keep your children safe while they’re having fun!

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