10+ Tips to Retrofit Your Outdoor Space for the Festive Season


The cold weather can be a great time to spend outside. You just have to make sure you’re keeping warm, having fun and enjoying yourself. The best way to do this is by creating an outdoor space that you love! Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you should forget about your patio or deck; there are plenty of ways to make things cozy while also adding a touch of fall magic.

Add a swing

A swing is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors, whether you are reading, napping or just enjoying your surroundings. A swing can be hung from a tree or structure and made from various materials such as wood or metal. You can also decorate it with pillows and cushions to make it more comfortable.

Create a space to read or knit

Whether you’re in the mood to read, knit or just relax and soak up some sun, there are a variety of ways to create an inviting space for yourself on your deck or patio. You can use any one of these items mentioned below:

  • A bookcase: If you want to make yourself comfortable in the backyard, try placing a bookcase outside. That way, when you feel like reading or relaxing on the deck with your favorite novel, all that’s required is pulling out a chair (or even better—a hammock), setting up shop and getting started!
  • A bench: If sitting on the ground isn’t really your thing but chairs aren’t quite right either… then benches are perfect! They offer a nice middle ground between standing and sitting down. They are also great for those looking for quality seating without having so much weight as regular chairs would add (which can make it difficult when moving them around).
  • A blanket: Blankets tend not only help keep us warm but also provide us with comfort during times where we might feel exhausted from working hard all day long—such as when needing something comforting after completing large projects around our home over summertime holidays such as Christmas/New Years Eve celebrations which usually involve

Build a fire pit

If you are going to build a fire pit, there are a few things that you need to make sure of before you start. Firstly, make sure that you have the proper permits and permissions in place. You will also need to have an extinguisher on hand as well as a fire blanket and bucket with water in it. You should also have a shovel and rake at the ready if your fire gets out of control.

Make your own outdoor bar

  • Buy a small table
  • Buy a small shelf
  • Buy a small cabinet or dresser to hold glasses, bottles and mixers (also perfect for storing extra blankets)

Light the space up with string lights

String lights are a great way to add light to your outdoor space. They’re easy to install, affordable and versatile. String lights can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Use them indoors as well as outdoors
  • Hang them vertically or horizontally
  • Hang several strands together for a more dramatic effect

String lights are an easy way to decorate for the festive season!

Add a cozy blanket and some cushions to your chairs

If you want to add a cozy blanket and some cushions to your chairs, consider using these tips:

  • Blankets are key. A good blanket will make all the difference in making your patio more comfortable, especially if it’s chilly or windy out there. If you have a large patio or deck area, consider buying at least two blankets so that you can have one on hand for an impromptu picnic lunch or dinner outside.
  • Cushions are easy enough to make yourself by sewing together fabric scraps and stuffing them with fiberfill or other soft materials like beans or rice (depending on how full-bodied you want them). You can also buy cushions online at stores like Amazon or West Elm—they come in many different colors and fabrics so finding something that works well with your decor shouldn’t be too difficult!

Hang glow in the dark lanterns around the space

One simple way to create an enchanted look is to hang glow in the dark lanterns around your patio. It’s easy to make your own, and they can be used as a decorative piece or simply as a way to light up an outdoor space.

Diy glow in the dark lanterns are easy to make and can be used for all kinds of things from decorating your patio, deck or other outdoor space during parties, picnics, etc., or even just for fun! You can use them as gifts for loved ones who share your love for nature or fairy tales.

Turn an old shoe organizer into something useful

  • Use an old shoe organizer to store items.
  • Store pool toys in the shoe organizer.
  • Use it to store gardening tools.
  • Store small toys for kids in the shoe organizer.
  • Use it to store kitchen utensils.
  • Store pool towels on top of the shoe organizer.

Turn an umbrella into a coat rack

One of the best ways to turn your outdoor space into a festive oasis is by turning an umbrella into a coat rack.

A simple coat rack will accentuate any outdoor space, while also providing storage for hats and mittens. An umbrella stand can do the same, if you’re willing to spend a bit more time on it.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to decorate your patio with holiday décor, check out our previous blog post: [Holiday Decor Ideas] (https://www.homesecurityandsystemsllc.com/holiday-decor-ideas/)

Add pops of color with flowers, plants and pillows.

  • Don’t overdo it with the color. A little color goes a long way, so make sure you don’t go overboard!
  • Add some greenery. Even if you’re not a fan of plants, there are many ways to incorporate greenery into your home decor. For example, hanging baskets and terrariums are both great ways to add some green without taking up too much space or looking like an eyesore in any way.
  • Don’t forget to add some pops of color! Including pops of color can help bring life into your home during the winter months when things feel duller than they should be…but don’t go overboard with this either! You still want everything else in the room (i.e., furniture) to be neutral colors so that nothing becomes too overwhelming for anyone who may visit regularly throughout those months after all 😉
  • Don’t forget about pillows! Pillows are one thing that really helps transform any room from boring (to me anyway) into something more interesting visually speaking; plus they’re easy enough on their own so why not try something new?

Change up the color scheme of your patio with paint.

A great way to change up the color scheme of your patio is to paint it! If you have a dark wood deck, consider using a light shade of green. Conversely, if your deck is painted in a vibrant color (like yellow or red), try painting over that with white.

Painting can also be a great way to complement existing furniture and accessories like flowers by adding some subtle contrast. For example: If you have an antique table made out of oak, use black paint instead of any other color because it will contrast nicely with the natural tones found within the wood grain itself as well as its surface condition. Or perhaps apply grey paint on top of brick walls surrounding your patio area; this will make them stand out more prominently than they would otherwise do so without changing anything else about them at all!

have fun during the cold months by making the outdoor space you already have work for you.

Enjoy your patio, deck or other outdoor space in a unique way.

It can be difficult to find interesting ways to enjoy your backyard during the cold months. However, it can be done! There are many ways of making the outside space you already have work for you. You just need to put a little thought into it and make the most of what you have available. Here are some tips:


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these tips for making your outdoor space more cozy and festive. Now, go out there and get started on these projects! Or if you don’t have an outdoor space yet—don’t worry. There are so many ways to create one from scratch or with what you already have at home. Just remember the most important part: enjoying yourself!

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