Want to visit a Public Garden? Here is Where They are


There are public gardens all over the state. The Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain is a great place to go for a walk or just to sit and read a book in the rose garden. The Boston Public Garden and Boston Common are very popular with locals as well as tourists because they offer something for everyone – from small children to senior citizens. You can also visit Maudslay State Park in Newburyport which has trails that wind through forests, wetlands and meadows where you’ll find wildflowers during spring and summer months.

Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain

The Arnold Arboretum is a botanical garden located in Jamaica Plain, Boston, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1872 as a living memorial to the American philanthropist Thomas Handasyd Perkins. The arboretum is located at 125 Arborway and is a member of the Harvard University Botanic Gardens.

Arnold Arboretum has been called “the loveliest of all the parks in Boston” by American author Washington Irving (1783–1859) who described it as “a paradise for plantsmen”.

It contains over fifteen thousand kinds of woody plants from around the world including more than five thousand trees representing 830 species, with particularly fine specimens of magnolias, maples (especially Acer palmatum), lindens (Tilia americana), cherries (Prunus serotina), birches (Betula pendula), ashes (Fraxinus excelsior), pines (Pinus sylvestris) and hemlocks(Tsuga canadensis). The arboretum also includes several specialized gardens: Asian/Oriental Garden; Cactus & Succulent Garden; Conifer Collection; Daffodil Meadow; Dwarf Conifer Collection; Edith J. Carrier Orchid House; Herb Garden; Iris Meadow Landscape Restoration Area & Bog Conservation Area restoration project area.; Japanese Maple Collection; MacKenzie Native Plant Collection; Medicinal Plant Nursery – Propagating Program ; Midsummer Night’s Dream Meadow ; North American Wildflowers Meadow ; Rock Garden/Rockery ; Sensory Garden – An Environmental Center for Families And Children With Disabilities.; Shrubbery Flowering Periods Of Selected Woody Plants From Spring To Fall In Southern New England!

Boston Public Garden and Boston Common in Boston

If you are visiting Boston, the city of famous parks, you must visit the Boston Public Garden and Boston Common. Here are some photos:

Boston Public Garden is the oldest public garden in America and was established in 1837. The citizens of Boston wanted to create a place where they could walk among flowers or watch birds, so they created this beautiful park with ponds, sculptures and fountains for people to enjoy. There are many different types of flowers here including tulips during springtime when they bloom (April-May). The most famous part of the park is its lily pond which has over 20 species of lilies growing around it! During summer time you can see swans on this pond as well!

In contrast to its sister park across town called “Common” which was founded almost 100 years later (1859) because there wasn’t enough room left at other parks anymore due to rapid growth during Industrial Revolution when many immigrants flocked into New England area looking for work opportunities including those who fled religious persecution such as Jews fleeing Russia or Catholics fleeing Germany due mostly anti-Semitic feelings taking hold among others who didn’t necessarily agree with them having equal rights under law despite what ethnicity/religion etc one belonged too).

Maudslay State Park in Newburyport

Maudslay State Park is a Massachusetts state park, located in the city of Newburyport, Massachusetts. It’s named for industrialist and philanthropist Amos A. Maudslay, who donated the land to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1889.

The park’s central feature is its hilltop location atop Brush Hill, with views looking south across Plum Island Sound to Plum Island and the Atlantic Ocean beyond. Below it on three sides are salt marshes that have been protected by dikes erected in 1931 at great expense using stone blocks quarried out of nearby Marblehead Neck.

The park offers picnicking and playground facilities as well as swimming beach access (Maudslay Pond). There are also five miles (8 km) of trails through woodland habitat that is home to many species of birds, mammals and reptiles including white-tailed deer, chipmunks and opossum.

Castle Hill on the Crane Estate in Ipswich

You can find Castle Hill on the Crane Estate in Ipswich and it is a great place to go for a walk. You will get a good view of the Ipswich River as well as several trails that are open to hiking and horseback riding. There is also a nature center where you can learn about native plants and animals, as well as take part in programs that involve wildlife observation or plant identification. There’s even a gift shop if you want to pick up some souvenirs or supplies!

The gardens were originally created by Mr. James Crane who was one of the first settlers in this area back in 1633 (yes, THAT long ago). He was very wealthy so he had time to do things like build bridges across streams all over town (including one near here), create elaborate gardens with fountains made out of marble from Italy; he even built himself an enormous house which still stands today as part of this public park system called “Castle Hill”.

Garden of Eden in Marblehead

The Garden of Eden in Marblehead is a public garden that you can visit to enjoy nature, relax and learn about nature. It has more than 10 acres of land with many different gardens and plants for you to enjoy. The Garden of Eden is open year round from dawn until dusk, so if you want to spend some time there after work or school just make sure that the gates are open before going inside!

Stevens-Coolidge Place in North Andover

Stevens-Coolidge Place, formerly the property of Mrs. Mary Stevens Coolidge and her husband, is a public garden on a hilltop in North Andover, Massachusetts. With acres of flora, including rhododendrons, lilacs and magnolias as well as flowers that bloom throughout the seasons. The garden is open to the public year-round and admission is free!

Harvard University Arboretum in Cambridge

Harvard University Arboretum is one of the best places to visit in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It has a collection of over 250 acres of woods, gardens and meadows that are open to the public. The arboretum was established in 1928 with an aim to conserve plants but also to provide opportunities for research and education.

Today it is considered as a living museum of trees and shrubs where you can find thousands of varieties of plants including conifers, deciduous trees and flowering shrubs as well as ferns, mosses and wildflowers. If you want to learn more about these plants or how they grow then this is definitely the right place for you!

The Harvard University Arboretum forms part of Harvard’s property which includes several buildings such as Cabot House (built 1809), Holden Chapel (built 1670’s) etcetera You can also see several statues dedicated by various donors throughout your walk through this gorgeous garden which makes it even more interesting!

Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate in Canton

  • The Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate in Canton
  • This estate is located on the north side of the river. It’s open to the public, and there are a tea house, garden shop, gift shop and more!

Wellesley College Botanic Gardens in Wellesley

If you’re looking to visit a public garden, there’s no better place than the Wellesley College Botanic Gardens in Wellesley. The gardens are open to the public, located on the west side of campus and have a wide variety of plants. There is also a variety of outdoor activities that take place throughout the year at this lovely location. In addition to having gorgeous gardens, they also host a number of events throughout the year such as concerts and lectures.

There are public gardens all over the state.

If you are wondering where to find a public garden, the answer is simple: there are public gardens scattered all over the state of Connecticut. There’s no need to travel far from your home—you can easily take a trip to a neighboring town or city and visit one of our many public gardens.

There are many different types of public gardens in Connecticut, including botanical and arboretum gardens, butterfly sanctuaries, rose collections, Japanese-style gardens (otherwise known as karesansui), historic estates with extensive grounds like Litchfield’s High Tor State Park and Strybing Arboretum & Botanical Garden in San Francisco (the latter of which boasts more than 4,000 varieties of plants), greenhouse conservatories housing tropical flora such as bromeliads or cacti, historic sites that have been turned into museums such as First Congregational Church Cemetery at Old Lyme Meetinghouse (where Harriet Beecher Stowe was once buried) and even some parks with formal landscaping like Riverfront Park in Hartford.

If none of these ideas appeal to you then consider visiting one of our most famous locations—Stony Creek Metropark on Long Island Sound! This park is open year round so come explore when it suits your schedule best! Here at Stony Creek Metropark we offer both land-based activities including hiking trails along scenic shores as well as water based activities such as fishing charters available every day during peak season weather permitting between Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend each year only upon availability so book early for best selection options available now!


There are public gardens all over Massachusetts. We hope you enjoyed this list and will be able to visit some of these wonderful places in the future!

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