Turn That Wall Into a Vegetable Garden


If you live in an apartment or any other small space, you may not be able to grow a vegetable garden. However, if you have a wall with plenty of light, then it can be used as a vegetable garden! Wall planters are perfect for growing plants vertically since they use less space while still allowing sunlight to reach your plants. It’s easy to find them online: just search “wall planter”!

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Why it is good to have a wall planter.

What are wall planters?

How to use wall planters. How much water should you give them? How often should I water them? Should I fertilize my plants in the pot or just add fertilizer to the soil in the ground? Why do they need sunlight and what kind of light is best (full sun, partial shade etc.) What position should I put my plant in so that it gets enough light but not too much heat from direct sunlight? Is there any way of getting more sunlight into my house besides putting up curtains or shades on windows that don’t get natural light during certain times of day/year (winter)? Can I grow vegetables indoors during wintertime if I can’t afford anything else like indoor grow lights etc., which costs money every month until they break down). How much space do we have on our patio or front porch area outside our house so we can build something there instead like a small greenhouse type thingy where no one would notice it because “it looks better than having weeds growing everywhere outside.” It seems expensive but would probably save us money over time compared with buying seeds every year plus having someone tend crops for us if we were away too long during summer months when work commitments require travel outside town except weekends when everyone else has off as well so nobody will notice how messy our yard looks…”

This page is a work in progress

This page is a work in progress. It will be finished at some point, but right now it’s just a draft.

It’s important to note that this page should not be used as a resource on how to grow plants on your wall until it is finalized.


This page is a work in progress. We’re still working on some content and will be adding more soon.

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