Top 5 favorite loppers


The right saw can make a world of difference in the garden. The best loppers are those that are easy to use and comfortable but still offer strength and precision when it comes to cutting through small branches. This guide will show you my top five favorite loppers for 2019, including everything from budget models to professional-grade designs.

Corona SL 3264 ComfortGEL Bypass Lopper

The Corona SL 3264 ComfortGEL Bypass Lopper is a powerful set of loppers with a sturdy forged steel blade. The ergonomic handle makes cutting easier, especially when you have to make a lot of cuts in one area. It also has non-stick coating on the blades, which will reduce friction and help prevent jamming or binding. This tool comes with a hand guard to protect your hands from injury during use. Plus, there’s a lifetime warranty included with the purchase price!

Fiskars 13 Inch PowerGear2 Bypass Lopper

If you have a lot of thick branches to cut, then the Fiskars PowerGear2 Bypass Lopper is the best tool for you. This lopper cuts up to five times faster than traditional bypass loppers and has a power-levered gear system that gives you more cutting force with each squeeze of the handles. It has an ergonomic design, so it’s easy to use even if you have arthritis or other conditions that make it difficult for you to grip tools. It also features an auto return spring for quick recovery after each cut. In addition, its 13-inch blade gives you enough reach so that only one pass is needed for most jobs. Finally, this model comes with a lifetime warranty on its blades—but keep in mind that when using this warranty claim your lopper must be sent back at your own expense!

Crescent Lopping Shears

Crescent Lopping Shears are a pair of loppers that have a handle that is made of aluminum. Their blades are also coated in non-stick material to make them easy to clean after you use them. These loppers also come with a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured knowing that they will last you for years to come.

Gardenite Extendable Ratchet Lopper

The Gardenite Extendable Ratchet Lopper is a great tool to have around the house. It’s lightweight and easy to use, with its extendable ratchet mechanism making it easy to cut branches of all sizes. The cutting blades are sharp enough for heavy-duty jobs, but not overly so—you won’t be hacking away at stubborn logs with this one. The comfort grip is another bonus feature that makes every task easier on your hands without sacrificing power or strength.

Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Chain-Blade Loppers

Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Chain-Blade Loppers are specialized for hard-to-reach branches. The sharp blades cut through branches up to 1.5 inches thick with one easy swipe, and their uniquely forged high carbon steel design means they won’t lose their edge over time or struggle with thick roots. The chain is made using hardened steel that’s strong enough to handle anything you’d normally throw at it, and the lopper has an anti-slip grip on each handle so you don’t accidentally drop it while you’re working.

The ratcheting mechanism keeps your hands safely out of harm’s way while cutting through stubborn branches; simply squeeze the handles together until they lock into place, push down on them with force (while holding onto the branch), then release when finished—the chain will tighten itself back up automatically so you can start again without having to take more than two seconds away from your task at hand! And if that wasn’t enough: these loppers are made in Britain by skilled craftsmen who have been building tools since 1857!

These are the best tools for sawing through small branches.

  • The Fiskars Bypass Lopper is a popular model for its solid construction and ease of use. It comes with a blade that’s sharp enough to cut through branches up to 2-inches thick, making it an excellent choice for home gardeners and other DIYers who need an all-around lopper that can tackle small branches with ease.
  • The Corona Classic Heavy Duty 511N has a compact design that makes it easy to store, but still offers plenty of power when needed. This model features a spring-loaded lever system that makes cutting through small branches easier than ever before: just pull down on the lever once or twice and the blade will slice right through whatever you’re working with!
  • The MTD Super Tough Bypass Pruner is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable tools on this list due to its adjustable handles, which are flexible enough so they don’t pinch your hands when in use. These same handles allow users (no matter what size) more control over their cuts too—you’ll never feel like you have less than total control over where those blades go when using this tool!


Loppers are the perfect tool for sawing through small branches. They’re easy to use and much more convenient than a saw. Whether you’re just looking for something simple or need something heavy duty, there’s a lopper that will fit your needs!

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