The Cutest Fairy Garden Ideas to Build


Fairy gardens are one of the most popular ways to bring some magic into your yard. These tiny worlds are a great way to take your home from ordinary to extraordinary, and with so many options for building a fairy garden, you’ll never run out of inspiration. In this article, we will show you how easy it is to create your own fairy garden and inspire you with some amazing ideas that will help get your imagination going!


A terrarium is a miniaturized ecosystem that you can keep indoors. It’s basically like an aquarium, but instead of fish and water, terrariums have plants and soil. If you want to live in your own tiny ecosystem, here’s how to make one:

  • Grab a container with a lid (like an aquarium). The best ones are clear so you can see the plants inside!
  • Add gravel or sand and some dirt on top of it all. Plants need both soil and water so this layer will help with drainage as well as keeping things at an appropriate level of humidity for the plants to thrive in their new home!
  • Pick out some cool looking plants from the store or garden center near by where your mom works (she’ll be happy if you get her lunch). Depending on what type of environment your terrarium will be living in; mosses are usually good choices because they grow quickly but die back each year too which means less maintenance over time–plus these little guys look great when planted together!

Broken Pot Garden

Creating a broken pot garden is easy and fun. You can use any kind of small container or planter, even an old coffee can or tin. Recycled items are great for this project!


  • Broken clay pots
  • Potting soil (or dirt you’ve dug up from your backyard) – choose one that does not have fertilizer already in it if you want to avoid creating an algal bloom in your fairy garden!
  • Plants, annuals are best since they will die back when winter comes, however perennials can also work if planted deep enough that they won’t freeze over the winter months.

Landscaped Fairy Garden

With this type of fairy garden, you can use a lot of plants. You can make it look like an existing natural environment or create your own fantasy world with flowers, herbs, and trees. There are lots of different plants that will work well in a fairy garden, including:

  • Pots of soil with interesting plants growing in them (like mushrooms or cacti)
  • Plants that are planted directly into the ground (this may require some digging)
  • Rocks and stones laying around to create paths between the various areas of your garden
  • A pond that has water flowing through it (or just looks like water) and maybe some fish swimming around in it
  • Benches where fairies can sit down to relax after a long day at work helping people with their magic problems
  • Birdbaths for cute little birds who want to take baths outside instead of inside their house where they’d normally take showers because they don’t want anyone else seeing them naked—but really just because they love flying outside so much! And if you want even more birds then make sure there’s also birdhouses nearby so those little guys have somewhere safe where no one else will bother them while they sleep during daytime hours.”

Tree Stump Fairy Garden

  • Use a tree stump to make a fairy garden.
  • Cover the stump with moss and use an old pot to plant flowers in.
  • Place a stone or brick on the ground for your path.
  • Add small houses and cottages as much as you like! For more privacy, place a small fence around it all to keep people out of your garden.

Vertical Fairy Garden

Vertical gardens are a great way to add color and texture to your garden. They can be used as the focal point of a space, or they can be used to grow herbs and vegetables. You can even make vertical gardens out of old wine bottles! Vertical gardens are also known as wall planters, terrariums or hanging gardens.

You can create these vertical garden designs out of many different materials like glass jars with lids, plastic tubs, coffee cans and even old window shutters (just make sure you seal them properly).

Fairy Garden in a Birdbath

Use a birdbath as the base for your fairy garden. This can be done in one of three ways:

  • Using a birdbath with a pedestal. The pedestal is where you’ll build your fairy garden. If you’re going to use this option, make sure that you have something to hide the base of your pedestal so it looks as if it’s floating above nothing!
  • Using a statue with a birdfeeder attached to it (or vice versa). This will give the appearance of being suspended in mid-air and will add extra whimsy and charm to your flower bed or other floral arrangement.
  • Using just a plain ol’ birdbath without anything else around it will also work—but we recommend adding some greenery around the edges of your bowl so that they blend seamlessly into each other and become one unit!

You can make your own fairy garden with these great ideas.

You can make your own fairy garden with these great ideas! You can even make one with your kids, friends, family or neighbors.


We hope our ideas have inspired you to create a fairy garden in your own yard. If you want more inspiration and help, check out our Pinterest page where we’ve collected hundreds of images from other people’s gardens!

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