Six Things To Consider When Decorating Your Garden Or Yard


There are many ways to add a touch of beauty and tranquility to your home’s exterior. One of the most elegant, though, is a water feature. But it’s not just about getting the right fountain or pond—there are also plenty of other considerations that should be made before you get started. Here are six things to consider when decorating with a water feature:

What do you like?

You should have a good idea of what you want from your water feature before you start decorating. If you’re thinking about getting a fountain, there are many factors to consider: where will it go? How large will it be? What kind of water feature do you want?

Once you’ve decided on the type of fountain, it can help to find some inspiration first. You may not know exactly how much space your garden has available for a new addition, but there are ways to work out the details.

What kind of water feature do you have in mind?

Next, you’ll need to consider what kind of water feature do you have in mind? There are many different options available today. For example, if you want a peaceful garden setting with a very natural feel, then perhaps a stream would be best for your landscape design. A pool or pond will add beauty and interest to any backyard landscaping project as well. If you want more of an architectural feel in your yard decorating project, consider adding some beautiful fountains around the property such as a wall fountain next to the driveway entrance or maybe another one along the sidewalk leading up to your home’s front door! Whatever type fits best with what type of style that suits your own personality (and budget), there is sure something out there waiting just for YOU!

What’s your budget?

Budgeting is a must when it comes to decorating your garden or yard. You don’t want to overspend on an expensive water feature that you can’t afford, and you don’t want to be forced into buying a cheaper water feature that won’t meet your needs. When budgeting for a new addition to your yard, think about how much money you have available at the moment, as well as how much money it will take to maintain the chosen addition in its current state (or any possible future state).

The best way to budget effectively is by looking at all of your options before making any purchases—even if they’re just preliminary ones. If possible, try making mockups using wood blocks or other materials so that no money goes toward real projects until you’re absolutely sure what kind of final product would work best for your situation.

Where will you install the water feature?

You need to decide where you want to install the water feature.

What size do you want it? How much space will it take up, and how much are you willing to give up?

How much will it cost? Where can I get this type of product?

What type of maintenance is involved?

  • What type of maintenance is involved?
  • Regular cleaning of the pump, filter and water feature. With some fountains and ponds you’ll need to regularly check for algae and remove it before it can cause damage to your pond plants.
  • Be sure that you have the time and ability to clean your fountain on a regular basis. If this is not something you want to do yourself, then consider finding someone who can do it for you or choose an alternative type of garden decor such as a statue or bird bath instead.

How noisy is the pump or filter?

How noisy is the pump or filter?

Let’s be honest, when it comes to water features, most people want an audible element. It’s true that some plants will help you naturally filter and reduce noise. But you still want to be certain that the pump or filter isn’t going to make a lot of noise.

Use this guide to decorate with a water feature that you love.

Use this guide to decorate with a water feature that you love. When used correctly, water features can be the focal point of your garden or yard. They can also be a great way to add some interest to any space without taking up much space at all!

The key is knowing which type of water feature will work best for your needs. If you follow the tips below, we are sure that you’ll find something perfect!


With these six tips in mind, you can get started on decorating your garden or yard with a water feature that will add beauty and value to your property.

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