How I Got A Shed From That Tiny, Yard Snatched Space…Check Out How!


I’m always amazed at how creative people are. I’m also amazed that a normal person like me can do some pretty crazy things if they have the drive to do them (and the ability to hire people with more skill than I have). So, when I decided that my yard was going to get a shed, I knew it would be tough. But let me tell you—it was well worth it! Here’s how we did it:

What I needed

What I needed was a shed. A place to store things, work on projects, get away from the house and yard, and get away from my neighbors and the kids.

The design

It’s the first step in getting your shed. Once you have a design, you can start to look at the different options available. Whether you go with a wooden shed or metal one, this is where we’ll get into how much they cost and what features are included in each type of shed.

The construction

The construction process is a bit tricky. You’re going to need the right tools, materials and safety precautions. To start, you’ll want to get yourself a shed. This can be purchased at any hardware store or online through Amazon.

Once you have your shed, all that’s left is assembling it! The instructions are usually very clear (if not, try asking an expert), but if they’re not enough, there are many tutorials online that can help explain how to put together your new shed from head-to-toe.

The roof

The roof was the most important part of the shed. It’s where all of your stuff will go, and you need it to be able to hold everything. The roof is also the most difficult part of building a shed because when adding it on top of your walls, you have to make sure that everything is exactly right or else there will be leaks and problems down the line. The roof was also one of my favorite parts about building my shed!

The paint

The paint. You’ll need to use a paint sprayer if you have one, but even if you don’t, it shouldn’t be too much trouble to roll the walls with a roller or brush.

The color is up to you! I personally went for a bright white because we didn’t want any more color than that in our yard at this point. However, there are many variations of white paints out there and most of them look great on sheds, especially if they match the surrounding area well (like our house). The colors I used were:

  • Behr Premium Plus Ultra White semi-gloss latex paint (for shed walls)
  • Behr Premium Plus Ultra White semi-gloss latex paint (for trim)

The finish

Once the paint is dry, take a high quality brush and a good quality roller frame to smooth out any bubbles or ridges in your paint. The frame will give you that extra bit of control over your roller so you can make sure it’s completely smooth. If you’re using a foam roller cover, it may be a good idea to stretch it out before using it; this will help with getting an even coat of paint on all surfaces.

If there are any places where the wood needs refinished, now’s the time! You’ll want to start by applying some primer so that when you put on another coat later on, they’ll match up nicely together without any weird spots showing through (like when one side looks darker than another).

You can transform any yard space.

If you’re looking for a shed, your first step should be to make sure that the space you have is actually big enough to accommodate one. This can be trickier than it sounds and is often where people get hung up in their quest for a shed. So before we talk about how I was able to transform my small yard into an oasis of beauty (and storage!), let’s take a look at what size shed would fit in your yard:

  • You can DIY if you have the time and patience (or know someone who does).
  • You can hire a professional—but be prepared to spend thousands!
  • Hire someone with experience—though they will likely cost more than the professionals do (if this is even possible).


So as you can see, turning a small yard into a beautiful space takes some planning and work. But if you want to do it yourself, it’s totally possible! It took me months of planning and construction before my shed was ready to be used by my family. And now that it’s done, I’m so grateful for all those memories we’ve made in this beautiful place.

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