Tips For Making the Most of Your Garden Rooms This Season


Now that summer is here, it’s time to make the most of your garden rooms. Here are some tips to get you started:

Use what you already have.

When you’re thinking about how to make the most of your garden room, don’t forget about all the things that you already have. There are so many ways that you can use what you already have to make your garden room more comfortable, more fun and even more beautiful.

For example, if there is a large mirror in your house that no longer works for its intended purpose (i.e., since it doesn’t reflect anything), it can be moved into the garden room and hung on one of its walls as an accessory piece instead of being an accessory piece elsewhere in your home. Or maybe there is an old rug or tablecloth in storage somewhere with some stains on it – take these out into your garden room where they can serve as accents rather than detracting from any other pieces.

Be creative with patio furniture.

  • Use a colorful tablecloth.
  • Use a colorful umbrella.
  • Use a colorful umbrella stand.
  • Use a colorful bench.
  • Use a colorful chair.
  • Use a colorful chaise lounge.
  • Use a colorful ottoman and/or footstool (in matching or contrasting colors).

You can also add pops of color with plants, rugs and pillows if you’re feeling crafty!

Brighten up the flooring.

Brighten up the flooring

When adding a rug to a garden room, you want to make sure that it’s something that will bring light and energy into an otherwise dull space. If you want to use an indoor-only rug, pick one in a bright colour or pattern that adds some pep to your room. For example, check out the range of carpets we have available at Garden Rooms USA!

If it’s not possible for you to put down permanent flooring within your garden room (or if you just prefer not too), there are alternatives such as cork tiles which give off a similar effect while also being easy-to-clean and comfortable on bare feet.

Take advantage of natural lighting.

Take advantage of natural lighting.

Natural light always adds to a room’s ambiance, so use it to your advantage by installing windows and mirrors in your garden rooms. Windows can be used to let in daylight, while mirrors reflect light and help create an illusion of space. Light curtains also provide natural illumination, but they’re best used for small spaces since they don’t offer much privacy or security. If you want a relaxing vibe for your new garden room, install lots of windows that look out onto a patio or backyard—this will make the space feel like an extension of the outdoors.You can also use natural light as part of a cosy atmosphere by adding dimmer switches near windows so that you can control how much heat exits from them throughout the day.If you’re looking for something warmly inviting instead, think about installing traditional ceiling fixtures with frosted glass shades or even paper lanterns overhead (if you don’t mind paying extra). These types of lighting fixtures will give off soft illumination perfect for relaxing evenings spent reading by candlelight on comfy chairs inside while enjoying fresh air blowing through open windows.

Giveaway old items that you no longer want to family and friends.

When you’re done with an old item, don’t just throw it away. Instead, give it to family and friends who may need it more than you do. Alternatively, donate your unwanted items to charity or take them to a thrift store in exchange for cash donations. Finally, any recyclable materials can be taken to a recycling center for disposal.

Garden Rooms has everything you need to make your garden room cozy and fun this season.

Garden Rooms has everything you need to make your garden room cozy and fun this season. Garden Rooms has a wide selection of garden rooms and accessories.

Garden Rooms has all the garden rooms you need to make your garden room cozy and fun this season.


If you want to spruce up your garden room, we have the best tips for doing so! Take a look at our website for more information on how to make your garden room comfortable and cozy.

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