What Makes This Tiller The Best of Its Kind? Learn Here


If you’re looking to buy a tiller, you may be wondering how to choose the best one for your needs. After all, there are so many choices out there! The good news is that Westward Tillers have been around for over 90 years and have built up a reputation for being reliable and sturdy (not to mention high quality). This means that if you’re looking for power and durability in a compact design, Westward’s got your back. But what makes this brand stand out from other tillers? Let’s explore some of its key selling points:

Tiller Features

When looking at the Westward Tiller and other similar models, you’ll find that this one is built with a heavy-duty steel frame and features a full-size seat. It also features a Briggs and Stratton engine, which should last for years to come.

What’s more? The tiller comes with a three year warranty! This means that if your machine doesn’t work as expected or breaks down within those 3 years, then you can get it replaced without any extra costs associated with it whatsoever!

Westward Tillers Are Reliable

For those of you who are concerned about the quality of your tiller and its parts, Westward is a good choice. They have been making tillers since 1967 and have a reputation for reliability.

When you purchase a Westward tiller, you can be assured that it will last for years to come because their parts are made in the USA and are high quality. The company has set up a network of dealers across the country which make it easy to find parts if something goes wrong with your tiller or any other machine made by Westward Industries. If there’s ever an issue with one of their machines, they’ll send one of their friendly service representatives out to fix it for you at no charge!

The Best Customer Service

Westward Tillers has a great reputation for customer service. Their products are easy to use, but they’re also easy to contact if you have questions or need assistance. The company is committed to customer satisfaction and offers 24/7 support through their website or phone number.

If you’re looking for a tiller that will stand the test of time, the answer is Westward.

If you’re looking for a tiller that will stand the test of time, the answer is Westward. The company builds their tools to last and comes with a warranty that covers any repair or replacement needed for three years after purchase. The customer service team is also known for being responsive and friendly. If you have any questions about this great product, feel free to reach out by calling 1-800-999-4500 or visiting us online at www.westwardproducts.com!


At the end of the day, Westward Tillers are one of the most reliable and durable tiller models on the market. They’re also backed by an impressive warranty program that ensures your investment will last for years to come—not to mention some of the best customer service around!

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