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If you have an outdoor space, it’s a good idea to decorate it. You can do this by adding things like flowers and plants, but you may also want to consider adding garden statues. These decorative objects aren’t just for decoration; they can add life to your space and make it more interesting. Here are some types of garden statues that you might want to consider for your yard:

Buddha Statues

Buddha statues are a popular garden statue. Buddha statues come in many different styles, they can be made of many different materials, and they can be used indoors or outdoors. A Buddha statue can even be used as a focal point in your garden.

You can find many types of garden statues at your local home improvement store or online:

  • Bonsai trees
  • Bird feeders and birdbaths
  • Statues of animals such as geese and deer
  • Fountains for water gardens

Angel Statues

Angel statues are a popular choice for garden decor. They can be made from a variety of materials, such as porcelain, resin and cast concrete. Once an angel statue has been placed in your garden or yard, you’ll want to ensure that it stands out as a focal point. If you’re running low on ideas for how to make your angel statue stand out among the rest of your greenery (or water), here are a few tips:

  • Place it near flowers or plants that have bright colors—the contrast will make the piece pop!
  • Place it in front of trees with large trunks and branches—this will help create depth between foregrounds and background elements.
  • Make sure there’s enough sunlight where you plan on placing the piece; otherwise its color might be washed out by too much or too little lighting.

Fantasy Statues

Fantasy statuary is a great way to add a little whimsy and magic to your garden. These statues are not realistic, and encourage children to get involved in the garden, so they’re perfect for getting children excited about gardening. They can also be used as focal points for your garden or as a fun focal point for children’s play areas.

Gazing Balls

Gazing balls are a great way to add color, contrast and a focal point to your garden. Gazing balls are usually large glass or metal balls that can be hung from trees or placed on pedestals among flowers. Some of them even have lights inside them! The shape of the gazing ball makes it easier for you to see the plants around it, which will help you keep everything looking neat and tidy.

Gazing Balls come in all sorts of shapes: round, square, oblong—you name it! Experiment with different types until you find one that works best for your space!

Sun and Moon Statues

Sun and Moon Statues

Though it may seem like a simple decoration, the sun and moon are more than just an eye-catching way to decorate your garden. They also tell us about Earth’s seasons, which change throughout the year. The solstice and equinox are two special days when the sun seems to stand still—a phenomenon that occurs because of the tilt in Earth’s axis. This tilt is what causes our seasons!

In English, we call these dates “summer solstice” and “winter solstice.” In other languages they’re known as midsummer day (or night), while midwinter day (or night) refers to winter solstices respectively. These names come from ancient Greek influences on our culture; since ancient times people have celebrated festivals when these days happen each year!

Koi Fish Statue

Koi fish statues are a popular choice for garden statues. Koi fish can be made of metal, ceramic or stone and can be used as a focal point in your garden. They are also often used to decorate ponds, so you may have seen them without even realizing it! If you’re looking for some inspiration on where to place your koi statue in your garden, check out some of these charming examples:

Garden statues are a fun way to add life to your outdoor space.

You can add life to your outdoor space by placing garden statues.

Statues add beauty to your garden and bring life to it. They are a great way of adding life to your garden.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article on some of our favorite garden statues! Gazing balls and koi fish are great for both personal and professional use, while angel statues are perfect as gifts. If you want something more unusual, consider buying a fantasy statue that reflects your personality. The possibilities are endless when it comes to garden decorating; just remember that whatever you choose should be appropriate for its surroundings.

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