The Garden Variety, Party Favors, Creatures of the Night


I love throwing parties, but sometimes I get stuck on what to do. You want to make sure your guests are having fun and engaged with each other and you don’t want to be the one who has to keep things going. That’s why I came up with this idea: a fairy garden party! It’s got all the great elements of a regular fairy garden, but also includes activities that let your friends get creative and participate in a fun new way. Here’s how we made it work:

The Garden Variety

The first step to creating your own fairy garden party is deciding where to host it. If you’re going for a full-scale event, that means hiring out a venue like a restaurant or park with plenty of space and then bringing in all the necessary supplies yourself. If hosting isn’t quite so formal, though, then it’s better to have friends help out by bringing their own containers and plants. Either way, make sure that whatever venue or container you choose supports plant growth well—that way your guests can enjoy their mini gardens long after the party ends!

The second step is choosing what kind of plants will best fit the occasion. For example: if you’re having an outdoor party at night (which I highly recommend), then consider planting some firefly vine with its glowing flowers so guests can enjoy fairy-lit walking paths through their fairies’ world. Or maybe go for something more traditional like pine cones? The possibilities are endless!

Once those decisions are made then comes choosing which containers best suit each type of plant; while there are many different types available today including bricks (my personal favorite), glass bottles (perfect for succulents), pots made out of wood/plastic/metal etc., etc., but do keep in mind whether or not these particular containers will be able to hold up during transportation without breaking apart because one thing most people don’t know about me besides my love affair with succulents is how clumsy I am sometimes when carrying them around outside…

Party Favors

I think party favors are a fun way to entertain your guests. They’re easy to make and easy to find, plus they can be transported easily.

I think you should let your creativity shine through in the party favors! You can use anything that reminds you of fairies, like glittery gems and flowers or even miniature statues of fairies themselves! I suggest picking out the ones that match the theme of your garden best!

Creatures of the Night

If you want to add some fun and whimsy to your party, then these creatures of the night are just what you need. They can be made out of paper, fabric or other materials. You can use them to decorate your venue or simply keep them in a box until it’s time for everyone to leave and then have ’em come alive as they roam around the room!

No matter how creative you are (or if this is your first time trying), there’s no wrong way to go about creating these little guys and gals. So grab some glue gun sticks and get ready for an exciting adventure into imagination land!

If you’re throwing a party, it’s better when your guests can participate in it.

If you’re planning on throwing a party, it’s always better when your guests can participate in it.

Having a fairy garden party is a great way to allow your guests to participate in the festivities. You can create an interactive setting for them by giving each guest their own fairy garden – or even just incorporating some miniature plants into the food table. This means that they’ll be able to walk around and enjoy themselves while still being part of the event, rather than sitting back with nothing else going on around them (which can make people feel left out).

It also makes sense from a practical standpoint; the smaller scale work involved with creating these little gardens makes them easy to set up and tear down after the party has ended, so there’s no need for you or anyone else at home feeling rushed during cleanup time later on! Some good places where I’ve found these types of items include Michaels Craft Stores as well as Walmart stores nationwide (if not locally).


The garden variety is a great way to get your guests involved in the party. They can pick their own flowers and plants from the gardens or even make their own flower arrangements so that they have takeaways from your event.

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