Summer Shed Sale


Sheds are a great way to store all the things you never use, but can’t bear to part with. With our summer sale, you can get a shed that’s perfect for your needs without breaking the bank. We have lightweight sheds that are easy to move around and heavy-duty models that can hold all your car’s tools and equipment. Our custom kits let you pick out exactly what features are right for you—and they’re so easy to assemble! Our Summer Sale is on now! Come by before they’re gone!

Summer Shed Sale – All sizes and shapes!

Summer Shed Sale – All sizes and shapes!

Searching for a backyard shed in your area? Get one at a discounted price with the Summer Shed Sale. The sale is going on right now, so act fast! Models like the Deluxe Mid-Size Storage Shed, the Budget Backyard Storage Shed and the Easy to Assemble Outdoor Storage Cabin are all included. There’s also an entire section of outdoor buildings that you can use as workshops or garages with prices up to 50% off (including DIY kits).

There are plenty of other great features too:

  • Discounted features such as floor options (wooden floors), ceiling options (metal roofs) and side door options (upper windows).
  • Discounted colors including green, blue and brown.
  • Discounted sizes from 5×5 feet all the way up to 15×30 feet!

Lightweight: great for a getaway space or easy to move.

If you’re looking for a shed that is easy to move, lightweight is your best bet. These sheds are ideal for small spaces where you don’t want the weight of a heavy structure. If you want to keep it in one spot, make sure the ground can hold its weight.

Lightweight sheds are great for getaway space and easy storage. They come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s no reason not to find one that works perfectly for your needs!

Heavy duty: Great for storing large items or keeping cars protected from the weather.

Heavy duty: Great for storing large items or keeping cars protected from the weather.

  • This category of sheds is made of thicker materials than regular sheds, so they’re more expensive and more durable. They’re also resistant to weather, vandalism and theft.

Customizable: Choose your features.

You can choose your features. We’re not just talking about the doors and windows either—we mean everything! You get to choose what color you want the shed in, whether or not you want it painted, what type of wood your shed is made out of, and even whether or not you want a custom logo on your door. Plus there are other options available if those don’t suit your fancy. Like making it into a playhouse for kids. Or maybe even an underground bunker that can withstand nuclear war (just kidding).

Easy DIY kits.

The DIY kits come with all the necessary parts and instructions to make your shed installation easy. They’re also customizable, so you can choose the size and color of your backyard shed to suit your needs. The kits are lightweight and inexpensive, making them easy to move around as needed during your backyard shed project. This makes it easier for you to store your DIY kit in the garage or basement until you’re ready for assembly.

“easy to assemble”

The Summer Shed is easy to assemble. It can be completed with only one person, but it may be more efficient to enlist the help of a friend. The instructions are clear and well-organized, so as long as you have the necessary tools on hand, you should be able to put your shed together in just a few hours. Once assembled, this shed will last for years if properly maintained.

Don’t buy a new shed without checking out our summer deals!

The summer is the best time to buy a new shed. It’s also the most expensive time. That’s why we’re proud to offer our customers the best prices on all of our sheds during this sale!


So, what are you waiting for? You don’t have to spend all summer sweating over your yard work. Just go check out our summer deals on sheds and start enjoying the outdoors again! We have sheds in all shapes and sizes, as well as DIY kits so anyone can put up their own shed. If you’re looking for just a little shade from the sun or some extra storage space, then check out our lightweight options. If your yard is more like an auto showroom than anything else, then investing in one of our heavy duty models might be right up your alley (pun intended).

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