New Edges of the Yard


It can be difficult to find a new look for your yard, but edging is a great way to add some personality to your lawn. Edging involves trimming the grass along the perimeter of existing areas, like your driveway or patio. It gives your yard a nice, clean line that looks great and it’s easy enough for anyone with basic gardening skills!

When you have sod in your yard, it is important to edge around it in order to keep it from spreading into other areas of your yard. Edge the piece of sod with a sharp spade for straight lines, or use an edger for curved lines. Cut about 4 inches deep and leave the soil on top of the sod. This will help protect it from hot temperatures and allow proper air circulation. You can also apply a weed preventer product to stop weeds and grasses from entering into your new sod.

When edging around your sod, do not use a weed killer or shovel to cut into the grass. A power edger can cause damage if it is not used correctly and may actually cost you more money in the long run. Also be sure to use a special product designed for this purpose as opposed to simply spreading some fertilizer or herbicide on top of your new piece of sod.

It is important to edge around your sod to keep it looking new and neat.

The edges of your sod are very important. If you don’t edge and keep them in good shape, the grass will start spreading into the rest of the yard and you’ll have a much harder time keeping it looking nice. Edging is easy to do with a sharp spade or edger. You’ll want to make sure you’re using plenty of fertilizer on your flowers, so that they can grow strong roots and not be pulled out by the wind or rain.


The lawn and garden are a big part of our lives, so we all need to take care of them. With these tips, you can make sure your yard stays beautiful and healthy.

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