How to Maintain a Green Garden All Year Round


If you’re like me, you love to be outside. But if you live in an area with harsh winters or short summers, it can be difficult to maintain a green garden all year round. It’s not impossible though! I’ve put together some tips for keeping your plants healthy and beautiful no matter what the weather throws at them:

Pick the Right Plants

To maintain a green garden, you’ll want to choose plants that are native to your area. You can also look for plants that bloom at different times so that you have showy blooms all season long. This way, when one type of plant is done blooming, another one will start up in its place.

You can also add some variety by choosing plants with a wide range of growing heights and textures—taking advantage of vertical space gives your garden depth and makes it feel more lush!

Use Plants With Different Bloom Times

A good way to create a visually interesting and diverse garden is to use plants with different bloom times. This can be done by using annuals, perennials, shrubs, or trees. You should also consider using plants with different colors or textures, as well as those that have different growth habits or fragrances.

If you’re interested in maintaining a green garden all year round but aren’t sure where to start, here’s some advice on how to make it happen:

Plant in Variety of Heights

# Plant in Variety of Heights

Plant in a variety of heights. Tall plants like shrubs and trees, short plants like annuals and perennials, florals and vegetables—plant them all. If you want to plant something for food (tomatoes, potatoes) make sure to plant a few flowers as well (peppers are often very beautiful).

# Plant Flowers and Vegetables Together

If you’re going to grow some vegetables in your garden, then I recommend planting some flowers alongside them. It can be really fun to have flowers growing out of broccoli plants or lettuce!

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If you want your garden to be green all year round, it’s important to use plants with different bloom times. This will make sure that no matter what season it is, there will always be something blooming in your garden.

There are many types of flowers and plants that you can use for this purpose! For example: if you live in a warm climate, try planting sunflowers or cactus; if your climate is more on the cooler side of life (aka living somewhere where snow may fall), consider planting tulips or other flowers that grow well during those months.


It’s important to have a variety of plants in your garden. Not only will they provide different blooms at different times during the year, but they can also add interest by creating color and texture throughout the seasons as well. If you have any questions about caring for these plants or simply want more information on what types of flowers might be best suited for your space, contact us today!

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