How to Grow Water Lilies from Seeds


Water lilies are beautiful and enchanting flowers that can be grown in ponds, bog gardens and containers. Water lily seeds are easy to collect, plant and grow. The seeds take about a month to germinate and once they do, you will have them in your garden for many years to come!

Collecting water lily seeds

Collecting water lily seeds

  • If you want to grow your own water lilies, you’ll need to collect some first. If you have a pond or lake in your backyard, it’s likely that there are at least some species of these plants growing there. Water lilies can also be purchased from garden centers or online retailers such as
  • Once the seeds have been collected and cleaned off (more on this later), they should be stored in a cool dark place until they’re ready to use. It’s best not to leave them out overnight unless you know that there won’t be any chance of frost during the winter months when it comes time for planting them; if so, then by all means go ahead! Allowing seeds too long of exposure will dry out their protective coating which makes germination more difficult–and if that happens before putting them in soil then… well…there goes one batch down the drain!

Planting water lily seeds

  • Plant the seeds in a pot.
  • Don’t cover the seeds with soil too deeply or too shallowly.
  • Don’t plant them too close together, or too far apart from each other—they need to be planted in groups of three or four for best results (this will help you remember how many were planted).
  • If you’re planting multiple pots with water lily seeds in them, don’t plant one right next to another—put them at least eight inches apart so they have room to grow into full-size plants!

Growing water lilies in ponds

Ponds are a great place to grow water lilies. Many people who have ponds use them as a way of adding color and beauty to their yard. As an added bonus, these beautiful flowers can also help with keeping your pond clean by reducing algae growth.

When you decide to grow water lilies in your pond, there are several different types that you can choose from. The most popular varieties include Nymphaea ‘Red’ and Nymphaea ‘Swan White’ which both have large flowers that bloom in mid-summer through autumn. Another popular choice is Nymphaea ‘Fantasy Pink’ which has bright pink flowers that bloom in late spring through early summer which makes it perfect for all year round enjoyment!

Growing water lilies in bog gardens

Water lilies are a great addition to a bog garden. There are many benefits of having these plants in your bog garden:

  • They require very little care.
  • They grow well in wet soil and water.
  • They add a beautiful splash of color to the area where they are planted.

Growing water lilies in containers

Placing water lilies in a container is a great way to enjoy this beautiful plant without having to buy an expensive pond or tub. You can use any type of container you want, but make sure it has at least 12 inches depth and 18 inches wide. This will accommodate the roots of your new water lily without causing them any stress or injury. If you have large roots, like I do, then consider using something larger than 18 inches wide for extra support!

Try using a plastic storage bin for your plant (or even another type). This is inexpensive, easy-to-clean material that won’t rust over time because you’re unlikely to get rust stains on its smooth surface; plus it’ll give off little odor compared with other types of containers made from metal materials such as aluminum cans which might attract unwanted pests like mice or rats over time if they smell food inside them!

If possible try adding decorations like rocks onto their surfaces so that they look nicer too – especially if there’s no grass around yet growing around then yet after planting seeds into soil underneath each one before placing them outside under direct sunlight each day when temperatures rise above 85 degrees Fahrenheit during summertime months…

Water Lilies are a great way to grow your own plants.

Growing water lilies is a great way to grow your own plants. Water lilies are easy to look at and can be a great way for you to learn about plants. As well, it’s a relaxing hobby that can help you relax.


We hope you enjoyed learning about how to grow water lilies from seeds. Water lilies are a great way to grow your own plants, and with the help of this article, you can start growing them today!

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