How to Build a Trellis in Four Easy Steps


If you want to grow some plants but don’t have much space, a trellis can be a great solution. They can add extra height to your garden, help keep your plants off the ground and give them more airflow. In this post, we’ll show you how to build one in four easy steps.

Step 1

  • Choose a location for your trellis. Use the existing structure of your home to consider where you would like to place the trellis and how it will relate to other elements around it, such as steps or walkways. Also take into account the style of your home and whether that style is more contemporary or rustic (for example, an elaborate iron trellis probably wouldn’t work well on an older farmhouse).
  • Choose a design for your trellis. After deciding on its location, choose what kind of plant support structure you would like to build: Trellises can be made from wood or metal; they can be simple squares or rectangles with straight lines; they can be arched in shape; they may have curves at certain points along their length; etc.. A little research into different types might help you decide which type suits both the look and feel of your yard as well as its purpose (i.e., if it is meant primarily as a decorative element).
  • Choose materials for building the supporting structure itself

Step 2

  • Use a hammer to drive the nails into the wood. To be extra safe, make a pilot hole with a drill bit first. Then use your screwdriver to screw the nails into place using long strokes that go all the way through the wood and hit each nail head squarely. If you’re working outside, wear gloves for added protection—safety first!

Step 3

Now that you have your materials, you’re ready to put the trellis in place. Follow these instructions to attach it:

  • For a freestanding trellis, place it where you want it and secure it by tying branches or twine to stakes driven into the ground at each corner of the structure.
  • For a wall-mounted trellis, use masonry nails or screws to fasten brackets or hooks securely into walls or other solid structures.
  • For a fence-mounted trellis, use eye screws with wire ties for attaching posts if needed; otherwise just secure an eye screw directly into the wood post itself (or through its top rail).

Step 4

  • Build your trellis in a sunny location, preferably one that is sheltered from wind and rain.

Your plants will need plenty of sunlight to grow strong and healthy. When you build your trellis, make sure it’s in a place where it will receive the most sun throughout the day, but also make sure it’s out of harm’s way!

How to build a trellis in 4 easy steps

You may be thinking, “What is a trellis?” A trellis is a structure that can support climbing plants such as vines and flowers. It’s very easy to build one, and it will look great in your garden!


  • Hammer
  • Nails (long ones)
  • Saw (a saw will cut wood into pieces)
  • Drill (a drill can drill holes in wood)

Tools used for this project include: -Screwdriver (to screw wood together) -Level or ruler (to ensure your trellis is straight)


This blog will show you how to build a trellis in four easy steps. Trellises are an important part of any garden, as they can improve the look of your backyard and give plants a place to grow.

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