Flowers Make Your Garden Beautiful


Flowers are such a special part of gardening. You can use them to add color and beauty to your garden, or you can even use them to help your plants grow. It’s important, however, that we don’t lose sight of the fact that flowers are living things—and not just pretty things for us humans to look at!

Choose one or two colors, and garden in a block.

All of these ideas are meant to help you make your garden more beautiful. You can use one or two colors for the flower beds, but for a rainbow effect, you want to use a wide variety of colors. For instance, if your flowers are white and yellow, add pink and blue flowers as well. To create a sculptural effect in your landscape design, you may want to vary the height of your plants so that there will be some tall ones and some short ones throughout the garden. You could also vary their shapes by adding different types of plants together such as roses with tulips or rosemary with lavender

Remember that flowers never have to be just flowers.

  • Remember that flowers never have to be just flowers.
  • Flowers can also be used to make a statement, create a focal point and/or create a theme.
  • Flowers can also be used as borders or backdrops in your garden design.

Sometimes the best flower is actually a fruit.

Well, we have some news for you: fruits can be just as attractive and tasty. And they can also be used in cooking and baking, as well as in wine making and crafts. The possibilities are endless!

Some fruits are also incredibly healthy—like raspberries and blackberries that contain antioxidants which help to fight off viruses that make us sick. So don’t just think of flowers when it comes to adding color to your garden—think about fruit too!

Consider planting fruits, vegetables, and herbs together with your flowers.

You can also consider planting fruits, vegetables, and herbs together with your flowers.

  • Fruits and vegetables are great for pollinators. The best plants for attracting bees are the ones that grow lots of flowers through the summer months. Some of these are sunflowers, squash and pumpkins, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. Peas also work well because they produce lots of pollen in early spring when most other crops aren’t yet blooming. Sage is another good choice because it can attract both bees and hummingbirds!
  • Herbs are beautiful as well as useful; many herbs have medicinal properties (such as chamomile tea which helps you relax after a long day) so why not grow some yourself? Basil may seem like an odd choice because it’s normally used in cooking but basil attracts bees so it could be an option if there isn’t much room left over after you’ve planted all your veggies!

Put up bird feeders.

Birds are natural pollinators, and they can help make your garden beautiful in other ways. For example, birds will help control pests. If you have a garden that’s free from pesticides and fertilizers, it will attract lots of birds who eat pests such as slugs and caterpillars. There are also bird feeders, which you can use to attract different types of birds to your yard year-round. If you’re not sure which types of feeders would be best for your backyard or if there are any common problems like squirrels stealing their food, check out this guide from Cornell University:

Ask friends and family for their garden clippings.

Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for garden clippings.

Ask your neighbors if they have any plants that are dying or overgrown. If so, ask if you can take some of the cuttings home with you so that you don’t have to buy new ones!

You could also try asking your friends and family if they are planning on planting anything this year—maybe they would be willing to part with a few seeds? Or maybe they own a small flower shop where they sell plants in pots? If this is the case then make sure that when asking them if it would be okay for you to take some cuttings from their shop plant stock because it will help keep their business running smoothly!

Flowers can be both beautiful and productive!

Flowers can be both beautiful and productive! Flowers can be grown in the garden that are both beautiful to look at and also helpful in some way. Some flowers can be eaten as food, or used for medicine or decoration, while others attract beneficial insects or birds.

Here are a few examples of flowers that you might want to include in your garden:

  • Nasturtiums have bright colors and a peppery taste, but they also repel aphids from other plants and help attract bees for pollination.
  • Marigolds (Tagetes minuta) release a chemical called thiopropanal S-oxide which helps ward off nematodes (roundworms). The scent is similar to mint so marigolds may not be suitable for every backyard vegetable garden due to competition with nearby plants for water, nutrients and light. However if you’re growing tomatoes or peppers then marigolds might help by deterring pests like hornworms from feasting on them!


The thing about flowers is that they are so adaptable and flexible. They don’t just have to be flowers—they can be fruit, vegetables, and herbs as well. They don’t just grow in gardens either—they can also grow on trees and shrubs! Flowers can make your garden beautiful, but they also provide food for birds and bees when they need it most. So next time you decide to plant some flowers or any other kind of plant, think about how it might benefit not only yourself but also others around you too!

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