Easy Flowering Bedding Plants For Any Gardener!


Flowering bedding plants are a great way to add color to your garden and make it beautiful, no matter what time of year. They come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and heights. They can be used as borders or planted between other flowers in beds. The best part? They’re low maintenance and require little care once they’re established! Here are some of my favorite flowering bedding plants that will make any gardener’s garden pop with color:


  • Alstroemeria is a genus of flowering plants in the family Alstroemeriaceae. It is native to the Andes of western South America, especially in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru.
  • There are 28 species within the genus Alstroemeria which grow between 60 cm and 150 cm tall. The plants have a basal rosette of leaves covered in white hairs with inflorescences emerging from the center of this rosette. The flowers are often brightly colored and can be up to 20 cm long when fully grown – making them an excellent focal point for any garden!


Bacopa is an attractive and easy-to-grow plant that can be used in a variety of ways. You can grow it as a bedding plant and use it to fill out your garden, or you can cultivate bacopa in containers on your patio.

Bacopa is also a good choice for container gardens because it’s quite tolerant of neglect—you don’t have to worry about overwatering or underwatering this plant! And bacopa is great at attracting butterflies and bees, making it an excellent addition to any garden.

If you prefer indoor gardening, bacopa makes an excellent houseplant because it requires very little sunlight or water once established. Plus, even when grown indoors, bacopa has beautiful flowers that will brighten up any space!


Calibrachoa, also known as Million Bells, is a trailing plant that will fill your beds and containers with beautiful blooms. These flowers grow in clusters and have bright colors. The best part is they are easy to grow so you can get them into your garden in no time at all!

Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jenny is a perennial that blooms in late spring and early summer. It has heart-shaped leaves that are green with purple undersides, and it has clusters of small, blue flowers. Creeping Jenny grows up to 15 inches tall.


Coleus, also known as ‘coleus’, is a beautiful and ornamental plant that is easy to grow. It can be found in many gardens, but it’s also a tropical plant that needs plenty of sun. They look great planted together in pots or planters for the front porch or patio, around the edges of flower beds or even next to your mailbox! Coleus are low maintenance plants so it doesn’t matter how much you love flowers; this one will work just fine for you!

The best place to start growing your own coleus is from seedlings that have been started indoors at least 6 weeks before transplanting them into their new home outside where they’ll receive full sun all day long during springtime temperatures around 65°F (18°C). You could also purchase mature plants at nurseries if you don’t want any hassle with seeds taking too long before sprouting up into beautiful flowers – just make sure those flowers aren’t too far away from where they need them (they won’t travel very quickly yet!).


Dianthus is a great choice for a cut flower. You can grow it in the ground or in a container, and it will make your garden look fantastic. Dianthus is easy to grow, which makes it a great option for beginners!


Iberis is a flowering plant that is native to Europe and North Africa. It’s an excellent ground cover that is easy to grow, and it doesn’t need much water. Iberis can be used as a border plant or in containers on your patio, balcony or terrace. It’s known for its bright, cheerful flowers that bloom all summer long.

Iberis grows in full sun or partial shade (though you’ll get better blooms if you give it full sun). It’s also drought tolerant so you don’t have to worry about watering it every day—just water when the soil dries out between rainstorms or whenever it feels dry when you stick your finger into the dirt.

Ivy Geraniums

Ivy geraniums are versatile plants that can be grown in many ways. They can be planted in pots or in the ground, and they will grow quite happily in full sun or partial shade. Ivy geraniums also make nice hanging baskets and look great when grown indoors as well!

Ivy geraniums are just one example of all the beautiful flowers out there that you can grow at home!


Lobelia, also called cardinal flower, is a beautiful plant that is very easy to grow. It has large, colorful flowers that are attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds.

Lobelia is a great addition to any garden because it can be used in containers or hanging baskets. The flowers last a long time on the plant and look beautiful for months at a time. They need full sun so you will want to place them where there is plenty of sunlight during the day.

Marigolds Section: Nasturtiums Section: Petunias Section: Portulaca Section: Salvia Takeaway: All of these plants will add color to your garden and make your friends and family ooh and aah when they visit.

Here are some beautiful bedding plants to consider for your garden:

  • Marigolds – These plants are very easy to grow and can be used as borders or edging. They are known for attracting butterflies, which is a plus if you’re a gardener looking to attract wildlife!
  • Nasturtiums – These flowers are also known for attracting butterflies, and they have an edible flower stalk that can be used in salads or soups. They make great additions to any vegetable garden too!
  • Petunias – Petunias look great when planted next to other flowers because they come in so many different colors and sizes! They work well as borders around gardens because they tend not to spread too much on their own; however, petunias do grow upwards rather than outwards like marigolds do (this means it’s easier for them get knocked over by strong winds). If you want something that’s going look great no matter what kind of weather pattern we get next year then this might be right up your alley 🙂


If you are looking to add some color to your garden, then one of these plants is perfect for you. They can be grown indoors or out and they will give you a lot of joy while doing so. So why not take some time today and go look at all the different flowers that we talked about? You never know what might catch your eye!

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