5 Ways to Create Awesome Garden Storage


Everyone loves to have a garden, but not everyone has the space for it. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of five different ways to create awesome garden storage. These ideas are cheap, easy and helpful in organizing your plants and vegetables so that they can flourish and grow!

Potting benches

Potting benches are a great way to store your gardening tools. They’re also easy to build, and you can make them look as stylish as you want. It’s just like having a second home in your garden—and one that looks so good you’ll want to spend more time there!

Old Window Planter Box

Window planter boxes are a great way to display your plants and vegetables. You can use old windows for this purpose, but make sure that they are clean and do not have any cracks in them. You’ll need a drill, knife, hammer and other basic tools to build this planter box.

First, measure the window frame so you know how much of it you can use for your planter box. Then use the hammer to make holes in both sides of the window frame where you want the drainage holes to be located at both ends of the window planter box. Next take out all of the glass by cutting around it with a knife or by breaking off pieces with a hammer until there is enough room on each side of your window planter box for drainage holes as well as enough space inside so all soil can drain out through those drainage holes when watering plants or vegetables planted inside these new creations!

Upcycled Cabinet into a Garden Potting Bench

An upcycled cabinet is a storage solution that can be made from an old piece of furniture. This type of storage has the advantage of being easy to build, and it can also be painted to match your home’s style. The disadvantage is that it may not hold as much weight as the other types of garden storage listed here. If you have a large family or like to grow lots of produce, this might not be the best option for you.

To make an upcycled cabinet into a potting bench, remove all doors and drawers from the cupboard then add brackets on each side so it sits flat on its own without falling over when opened. Attach casters if desired so that people can move it around easily without having to lift anything heavy like soil bags or pots full of plants off their backs!

5-Gallon Bucket Caddy

  • Get a 5-gallon bucket.
  • Use a drill and a hole saw to cut out the bottom of your bucket, leaving about 2 inches around the edge of the bucket intact (that’s where you’ll be putting your plants).
  • Pour 2 cups of bleach into your clean 5-gallon bucket, then add water until it’s full up to that same line on the outside of your bucket (about halfway up). This will disinfect any dirt you added so that no harmful bacteria can grow in there!
  • Put plastic lid on top, because lids are awesome and make everything better!
  • Drill 3 holes in either end of what used to be your lid (yes, we know this seems like an odd thing to do—but bear with us), then screw in some small hooks or pegs so they stick out from each side by 1 inch at least. These holes should be just large enough for string or rope through them and not much bigger than ¼ inch wide; if using string make sure it isn’t too thick either since it needs room for knots later on down here…

Wooden pallet crates shelves

You can build a garden storage area using wooden pallets. You can make a storage area that is movable and portable, or you can use pallets to make a garden storage area that is easy to move.

Create an affordable and easily movable garden storage area

A movable garden storage area is the best way to make your gardening space as efficient as possible. You won’t have to move heavy things around, and you can easily access all of your tools.

A movable garden shed is easy to create and requires minimal materials and effort. All you need is a few pieces of wood, some screws, and a hammer!


You don’t have to be a handyman or crafty person to make an awesome garden storage area. All you need is some creativity and these five great ideas. You can even use them as inspiration for your own DIY project!

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