Hedge Trimmer Buying Guide


Trimming hedges is a chore when using shears. If you have the right hedge trimmer, you can make this job much easier. You can also get your trimming done faster, safer and beautifully sculpt your shrubs. The key is to be informed about the various products available to you. They are electric, cordless and gas trimmers.


beautifully trimmed hedge


Which Type Is Right?


Do you have lots of shrubs around a large house to work on? Or, do you just have one hedgerow? The amount of work you have determines which product is best for you to use.


Electric corded items are not ideal for large yards because you would need to have enough electrical outlets around the exterior of the house to plug a trimmer into. You would have to trim a little, pull the plug, move to the next set of bushes and plug the trimmer back in and repeat the process. A gas trimmer would be much better.


A gas trimmer is more expensive and weighs more, but it will be a lot easier to use for a large number of shrubs because it never needs to be repowered. These hedge trimmers are harder to use for beginners but if you take your time, you can learn how to use them safely and efficiently.


Electric items are lighter and cost less, but they are not worth the hassle for a large yard. If you have a small yard or you just have a few shrubs to work on, the corded electric version will work fine for your needs.


You could opt for a cordless version, but you need to gauge whether it is worth it as you would need the battery to retain its charge until you complete your work. You may only need to trim your shrubs two or three times a season. Factor this into deciding which item is right for you as well. Many people prefer cordless hedge tools because they are so easy to carry from one section of a yard or garden to another.


One more thing to note is the difference in power that you will get. A gas trimmer has a lot more power than an electric one does. If you want to do a faster job or get more done in less time, then you might want a gas item. It might take a little more practice to learn how to use, but it could be worth it.


How to Buy the Best Brand



Once you decide which type of trimmer you need, you can start doing your own comparison shopping to find the right brand for your budget. There is a lot of useful information about the various products available online. Besides reading customer reviews, read articles and watch videos from professional landscapers about how to use the various trimmers. You may change your mind and decide to buy a battery-powered item instead of a gas-powered product after you watch demonstrations of how they work.


Price is the main consideration to make when choosing the best brand. Gas trimmers are among the most expensive and can run upwards of $400. They are durable, long-lasting and powerful. They trim more hedges faster than electric items, so if they are right for you they may be worth the extra cost.


Electric hedge trimmers and battery-powered, electrically charged products cost under $100. While they may not be the choice of professional landscapers, they are great for beginners. If you are new to hedge clipping, start with a less expensive electric model. You can always upgrade to a gas model if the electric does not prove to be efficient enough. You can be grateful that the electric model gave you the experience you needed to become a hedge trimming pro.


Hedge trimmers help you make your shrubs and hedges look perfect without using up lots of your energy or time. You want to find the type that suits the amount of work you have as well as one that is safe, fast and efficient. Whether you need a hedge trimmer for the first time, or you are ready to replace an old one, now you know what to do to get the right one for your needs.

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